Recent Testimonial

You are selecting a quality builder with Med City Builders. 
Andy is great from the first detail down to the follow up after the build. He explains everything thoroughly and does not cut corners in the build. 
His subs are all quality folks, and he is not afraid to cut a sub and get a new one if the quality is sub-standard in any way. 
We chose Andy over others we interviewed because he was not “gamey” and was to the point and explained the workings of everything about the build so thoroughly. He had time for us, and we did not feel like a number or a project, but like Important People to him. 
We are choosing him again to do a tweak in the build due to a slight change we want now in design– now that we have lived in the house a year. So yes, we are doing a slight tweak with him again and would not have anyone else touch our house construction-wise and if we built again we would go to him without a doubt.
-Terry & Julie

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